Community News

Lib Dems table Bill for ‘X’ gender option on passports

July 14, 2020

Lib Dems Equalities Spokesperson Christine Jardine to present Private Members’ Bill in the House of Commons to require the Government to introduce an ‘X’ gender option on passports.

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General News

Lib Dems and Greens perform very well in European elections

Besi Besemar May 27, 2019

Liberal Democrats secure best ever European Election result in the party’s history, returning 16 MEPs to the European Parliament and taking second place in vote share (20.3%). 

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In The South

Lib Dems rise in all opinion polls

Besi Besemar May 21, 2019

As the Liberal Democrats continue to rise in all opinion polls, party activists claim they could emerge from Thursday’s European elections in second place.Local activists were joined on Saturday (May 18) by South East MEP candidate Nick Perry for a day of campaigning ahead of the elections on Thursday May 23, 2019.  

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In The South

Former Lib Dem Environment Secretary visits Brighton & Hove

Gary Hart April 15, 2019

ED Davey MP, the Liberal Democrat leadership candidate and spokesperson on home affairs visited Brighton & Hove on Thursday, April 11 to support the local Liberal Democrats in launching their manifesto for the local council elections.

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In The South

A carnival of EUnity during Liberal Democrat Conference

Besi Besemar September 7, 2018

AS UK-wide calls for a final say on the governments Brexit deal grow louder and more insistent, Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats will join with other pro-EU groups, in a Carnival of EUnity on Sunday, September 16, 2018 from 4 – 6 pm to demand the Government agree to such a vote which includes an option to exit from Brexit. The march will be co-ordinated by Brighton & Hove for EU and the Green Party.

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