New exhibition, celebrating partnership between Queer Britain and Leviā€™sĀ®, features clothing from artists, rock legends, movie stars and individuals from the queer community

Graham Robson September 22, 2023

From the Leviā€™sĀ® Archives: Icons in Denim ā€“ A Queer PerspectiveĀ tells stories of hope, creativity, and resilience through items worn by the community. For a limited time, famous and fabulous denim hand selected from the Levi’sĀ® archive will be displayed at Queer Britain.

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HelpĀ make LGBTQ+ history: Write an Open Letter to Queer Britain!

Graham Robson September 29, 2020

Queer Britain, Leviā€™sĀ® and Post Office invite members of LGBTQ+ communities and allies to write an open letter, recording and preserving valuable accounts of what it means to be LGBTQ+ in Britain today.

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