Help make LGBTQ+ history: Write an Open Letter to Queer Britain!

Graham Robson September 29, 2020

Queer Britain, a charity working to establish the UK’s first-ever national LGBTQ+ museum, is working in partnership with Levi’s® and Post Office, inviting members of the LGBTQ+ communities and allies to write an open letter, which will live in Queer Britain’s collection and will record and preserve valuable accounts of what it means to be LGBTQ+ in Britain today.

Each letter will be a valuable asset helping build a narrative that truly represents the diversity, resilience and beauty of the UK’s LGBTQ+ people. After the campaign, the letters will be studied by historians at Goldsmith’s and Kent State universities as part of Queer Britain’s joint research project, Queer Pandemic. They may also be used in books and exhibitions.

Queer Britain said: “Throughout history, the experiences of LGBTQ+ people have been erased, overlooked or marginalised. We want future generations to see themselves. History does not live in dusty archives, it is alive in us all in the here and now. 

“Share a memory, tell us how you’re feeling, share your hopes and dreams or even a piece of advice. Every story is important. We want to read yours.”

To send your letter, simply write ‘Freepost OPEN LETTERS TO QUEER BRITAIN’ on the front of your envelope. No need to include a stamp, postage is FREE.

Check out the campaign website here