Terrence Higgins Trust ‚Äúdisappointed‚ÄĚ that Iceland Chairman has yet to apologise for his company “weaponising HIV”

Graham Robson September 22, 2023

Iceland’s Executive Chairman, Richard Walker OBE, recently wrote a comment piece for Mail Online about the dangers currently faced by supermarket workers in which he falsely claimed three Iceland shop workers contracted HIV as a result of needlestick attacks while at work.

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TRAVEL: ‘Bears On Ice’ in Iceland

August 6, 2015

Join the ‘Bears On Ice’ party in Reykjavik from September 3-6 with flights from WOW Air starting from just ¬£49 each way. ‘Bears On Ice’ runs from September 3-6 with events in Reykjavik‚Äôs top LGBT nightspots as well as visits to some of the Nordic nations natural wonders.

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