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Unstable Emotional Personality Disorder and Me

Dean Pender November 24, 2019

Dean Pender talks about his on-going battle with poor mental health and Emotional Personality Disorder. As I tell you my story I want you to know that incidents that happened in my life didn’t bring on my mental illness, it was already there, but it definitely contributed to it.

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FEATURE: I have a phobia …and I’m not the only one. 

Ray A-J February 9, 2019

Ray A-J dives into the world of phobias, with help from Miss Autophobia and Star. Fear. It’s all around. It’s everywhere, existing in the darkest depths of our minds. And when this fear takes over, takes hold of our conscious and consumes our very lives, it becomes a phobia. 

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OPINION: Transitioning with Sugar: www.ilovetheinternet.trans

Ms Sugar Swan March 24, 2018

Ms Sugar Swan explains what the internet means to her. I love the internet. It has saved my life. Quite literally. Without the internet, I would be dead. I remember being in my early teens when we got a PC at home. I was one of the first of my friends to have one and therefore was suddenly very popular, much to the disapproval of my mother and younger sibling who were unable to spend hours speaking to their friends on the phone (we were yet to get mobile phones for another few years). 

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FEATURE: MindOut – Not exactly strangers

March 3, 2018

Jon would have said that his community was his work team, probably. He had been out as gay for many years, but didn’t socialise or go out to LGBT venues or pubs or clubs. He really wasn’t bothered. His family were spread all over the world, they kept in touch but he wouldn’t have said they were close. He had moved to Brighton three years ago, he lived in a flat and had only ever met one of his neighbours. He wouldn’t have said he was unhappy, depressed from time to time perhaps, but nothing a drink or two wouldn’t take the edge off.

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OPINION: Transitioning with Sugar: Ms Sugar Swan asks what the LGBTQIA community means to her

Ms Sugar Swan February 27, 2018

This month’s Gscene theme is community and having lived, worked and volunteered within the local queer community for the last 17 years I have very mixed feelings about the community and what it means to me. 

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