FEATURE: I have a phobia …and I’m not the only one. 

Ray A-J February 9, 2019

Ray A-J dives into the world of phobias, with help from Miss Autophobia and Star. Fear. It’s all around. It’s everywhere, existing in the darkest depths of our minds. And when this fear takes over, takes hold of our conscious and consumes our very lives, it becomes a phobia. 

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OPINION: I Have A Phobia 

Ray A-J March 26, 2018

What if I told you fear could be dissolved in under an hour? Completely – gone in a matter of minutes. Would you believe me? Sitting in a brightly lit little waiting room, I was nervous. My phone yelled at me the time – it was four o’clock and I had just made it to the building with minutes to spare.

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