Fatt Butcher’s ‘Anywhere is a Dancefloor’ wins Best Short Film Award at G.L.A.D Film Festival

Catherine Muxworthy October 19, 2022

Pic by Emma Jones 

Anywhere is a Dancefloor, a music film created by Adam Carver (aka Fatt Butcher) in partnership with choreographer and Mother of the House of Mystique, Jason Guest, has won the Best Short Film Award at the G.L.A.D Film Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The film, produced by Motion Dance Collective for the Birmingham International Dance Festival, features Fatt Butcher alongside other queer Birmingham talent, including: Yshee Black, Black Peppa, Blü Romantic, Lacey Lou, Christian Gay, and Jay Andre. It sees queer joy brought to Birmingham’s public spaces as they dance in the fountains outside the city’s library and in the streets of the gay village.

Pic by Emma Jones

Talking to DanceXchange upon the initial release of the film, Fatt Butcher said: “We are overjoyed to receive this commission and to create a new dance film with celebrates the tenacity and spirit of Birmingham’s incredible LGBTQ+ nightlife community. After the pandemic shut down queer spaces overnight, we’re particularly proud to bring queer dance culture out into the open.”

The film will be available to watch online in 2023, and until then, the track is available to buy on Fatt Butcher’s Bandcamp.