BRIGHTON FESTIVAL REVIEW: mĀ”longa: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

May 22, 2017

To say the dancers were superb is an understatement and some of due and trio dances were astonishing; virtuoso performances of agility, technique and pure scalding sensuality, all contained in a stylised and ruthlessly executed Tango. There were separate stylised dances each shone with a brilliance, a trio of male dancers whirled with a frenzy of erotic passion and interlocking geometricsā€™ of tangoā€™s vocabulary but expressed in a way Iā€™d not witnessed on a stage before, some of the male female pairings hardly stopped moving for more than a half second, the whole program gripped from the moment it started and didnā€™t stop until the last step has been taken.

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