Community News

New trans advocacy service at MindOut

Gary Hart July 6, 2016

MindOut, the LGBTQ mental health project have appointed Maeve Devine as the new trans advocacy worker. As well as providing an advocacy service for all LGBQ people, Maeve will be available as a Trans Advocate for anyone who would prefer to work specifically with a trans person.

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MindOut and Allsorts awarded ‘Help Through Crisis’ Grant

Besi Besemar April 6, 2016

MindOut, the LGBT mental health project, in partnership with Allsorts Youth Project have been successful in their application for a £389,599 grant to provide a hardship crisis advocacy service for Brighton and Hove’s LGBTQ communities, running for the next five years.

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Fundraising News

‘My Costume Drama’ a year long fundraiser for MindOut

Gary Hart October 12, 2015

Aaron Lawrence aka the entertainer, Spice is currently studying for a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics at Sussex University and has chosen a brilliant and unorthodox way to raise funds and awareness for MindOut, the LGBTQ Mental Health Service.

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Mental Health project to run LGBTQ mental health campaign

Graham Robson June 8, 2015

MindOUT will be running a campaign later this year to highlight LGBTQ mental health issues. Campaign organisers want LGBT people to get involved and tell them the following: ♦ Why LGBTQ mental health is important to them ♦ What they would like the rest of the world to know ♦ What they would like people to do

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