Mental Health project to run LGBTQ mental health campaign

Graham Robson June 8, 2015

MindOUT will be running a campaign later this year to highlight LGBTQ mental health issues.


Campaign organisers want LGBT people to get involved and tell them the following:

♦  Why LGBTQ mental health is important to them
♦  What they would like the rest of the world to know
♦  What they would like people to do
♦  What has helped/harmed their mental health
♦  If they use mental health services are they out?

MindOut want you to make short video selfies, write down your thoughts and share your experiences.

They also want friends and family to share how they may have changed their attitudes and learnt about discrimination regarding mental health.

For more information, or to submit your pieces, email:

Or telephone 01273 234839

MindOut will be at Trans* Pride and LGBT Pride, so you can talk to them there.