General News

Indonesian LGBTQ+ activists targeted by conversion therapist

Rachel Badham February 22, 2021

A handful of LGBTQ+ activists in Indonesia have reported being harassed by a social media account which offered conversion therapy.

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General News

Study finds Hong Kong lacking LGBTQ+ acceptance

Rachel Badham January 16, 2021

A new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, an economic research group, found Hong Kong is trailing behind other Asian countries in terms of LGBTQ+ acceptance in the workplace.

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In The South

141 men arrested in Indonesian sauna raid

Besi Besemar May 23, 2017

On Sunday May 21 2017 at 8pm, police raided the Atlantis Gym & Sauna in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta at 8pm in the evening arresting 141 men claiming they were engaging in a “gay sex party”. Those arrested were detained by the North Jakarta District Police. Indonesia does not have laws criminalising homosexuality, except in the Aceh province, however the country does have severe anti-pornography laws which have recently been used to target LGBT+ websites and activities.

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