OMG….The first ever AI popstar “with a human soul” signs major record deal

Dale Melita September 3, 2023

Warner Music Central Europe has offered its first record deal to a digital character, Noonoouri, releasing her debut single Dominoes featuring German DJ Alle Farben on Friday. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology was used to create the singing voice of Noonoouri, which has been based on a real singer’s voice but altered so she has her own distinct […]

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PREVIEW: British DJ Alex Adair drops new track today 

Ray A-J August 24, 2018

West Sussex’s own dance track DJ, Alex Adair releases his latest track today   BRITISH DJ Alex Adair has released his latest track Dominoes, on August 24. Available to stream via Spotify, Deezer, and Apple music, the track features vocals from singer Samantha Harvey. About the collaboration with Harvey, Adair says: “Dominos is a fun, […]

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