“Everyone has a right to travel without fear.” One in five LGBTQ+ people have experienced hate crime on London transport network in the past year

Graham Robson November 16, 2023

Out In London – LGBTQ+ people’s safety on the London transport network, a new survey conducted by LGBTQ+ anti-abuse charity Galop, on behalf of independent passenger watchdog London Travelwatch, has revealed the extent of abuse, harassment and violence faced by the LGBTQ+ community when travelling in and around the capital. Galop surveyed 600 LGBTQ+ people on […]

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In The South

Man jailed for abusing Brighton Pride reveller in 2017

Besi Besemar January 18, 2019

A man who subjected revellers heading to Brighton Pride of racist and homophobic abuse is jailed for more than four years. Ryan Brown who was heading to Pride himself threatened to “knock a woman out” while shouting racist and homophobic terms at train passengers.

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Community News

Samaritans – Make small talk and save lives

Besi Besemar November 21, 2017

Samaritans is launching a campaign in partnership with British Transport Police, Network Rail and the wider rail industry to give travellers the confidence to trust their instincts and act if they notice someone who may be at risk of suicide in or around a train station.

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In The South

Carry On Up The Crown Prosecution Service

Craig Hanlon-Smith July 26, 2017

On the evening of May 13, 2016, my husband and I boarded a First Class train carriage to Manchester from London Euston. We heard the ladies before we saw them, as the group of three, aged between 35 and 55, rolled up the aisle laughing hysterically and demonstrating every gulp of wine they had clearly spent the afternoon mistaking for water and solids. As they settled at the table in front of us we were thankfully invisible to them, but they were giving the train crew a particularly hard time.

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