The Brighton Rainbow Fund

Legends Jubilee Fundraiser raises £500 for the Brighton Rainbow Fund

Chris Gull June 6, 2022

Brighton’s brilliant performers came together once more to raise money to be distributed as grants to local LGBTQ+ and HIV organisations and projects.

Legends hosted a marathon of talent, organised by Davina Sparkle together with Legends’ director Erica, and Manager Tyler, and 13 brilliant performers gave their time to raise funds, and treated an eager audience to a whole afternoon and evening of entertainment.

Davina hosted, and there were performances by Miles Elliot, Lovinia Belle, Avo Cardo, Rose Garden, Stephanie von Clitz, Lucinda Lashes, Lola Lasagne, Jack Lynn, Linda Matthews, Liam Joseph, Ruffles and Jennie Castell.

Chris Gull, Chair of the Brighton Rainbow Fund, said:¬†“Thank you so much to Erica and Tyler and all the Legends staff, to Davina, and all the brilliant performers, and of course to all the customers who donated in cash into the buckets, but also via cards and text donations. Thanks also to Billie Lewis for ‘working the room’ to get those donations.

“This is the perfect time to remind everybody why the late James Ledward (together with Paul Elgood) started the Brighton Rainbow Fund 12 years ago. Funds raised in the community, principally by events such as Pride and Brighton Bear Weekend, and venues such as Legends are distributed in a fair and transparent way, according to need.

“This means that service users of smaller charities and projects get just as much benefit as those of the larger and more obvious organisations..a level playing field for all in our local LGBTQ+ community in other words.

“The benefit to venues, donors and fundraisers is that they don’t have to make decisions about who to support, by trusting us to distribute the fruits of their hard work they know that they are supporting everyone.”