Some Families: New podcast on being an LGBTQ+ foster mum

June 18, 2020

This week, Some Families – the UK’s first LGBTQ+ parenting podcast series aiming to support families and answer questions for those curious about queer parenthood hosted by Lotte Jeffs and Stu Oakley – hosted an episode featuring Annabelle Avis, a foster parent from Swindon.

Annabelle and her wife have been fostering with Five Rivers Child Care since 2013 and currently have three children in their care. As a big advocate for LGBTQ+ fostering, Annabelle discusses the training she received as a foster carer, changing mindsets and myths, and the importance of the first night in a new home for a child.

To see the episode, click here.

For more info on Fiver Rivers Child Care, click here