Queens Arms raise £1,100 for Martlet and B.I.L.D

Besi Besemar May 30, 2013

The annual May Bank Holiday charity fundraiser at the Queens Arms in George Street, Brighton raise a fantastic £1,100 to be shared between Martlets Hospice and the British Institute for Learning Difficulties (B.I.L.D.).

Kevin Calladine
Kevin Calladine

Queens Arms manager and new part owner, Kevin Calladine, said:

“Wow!! What can I say. What an amazing day at The Queen’s Arms on May 27. It’s days like this that remind me why I love my job so so much.

“A huge thanks to all the acts that gave up their time to help us raise lots of money. Thank you in no particular order Gabriella Parrish, Dave Lynn, Jason Sutton, Jennie Castell, Adora Dix, Tammy Twinkle, Son of A Tutu, Mzz Kimberley, Davina Sparkle, Lady La Rue, Cosmic Stars and Mary Mac.

“Also a big thanks to Darren Cavill for sandwiches and photos.

“To all the staff,  you worked your asses off; Mary Weller, Richard Bailey, Mike Hartley, Jessica Anthony, Bonnie Weller, Chris Gault and not forgetting the lady with the raffle Cherry Weller.

“Thanks to our lovely guests from The Undateables. For me you made the day. Sam Culpeck and your auction skills and Kate Toffee Brackley your poem was immense!!  You both have to come back again!

“And last but no mean least, Scott Burey you organised the event excellently and on the night were simply a divine compere and host.

“To all the customers that donated auction lots and bidded on them a special thank you.  We raised £1,100 for The Martlets Hospice and British Institute for Learning Difficulties.”