Prominant evangelist speaks out

Besi Besemar March 6, 2013

Rev.Steve Chalke
Rev.Steve Chalke

The Reverend Steve Chalke, founder of Christian charity Oasis, has called on the entire Church to re-examine its attitude towards homosexuals.

In an article, entitled ‘A Matter of Integrity’, featured in January’s Christianity Magazine, Rev Chalke argues that the Bible paints a far more inclusive picture than many acknowledge.

He uses examples from his personal ministry to illustrate how he has become increasingly aware of the suffering of homosexual people within the Church and alludes to cases where long-term exposure to such negative attitudes have impacted people’s mental and physical health. He also stresses, however, that he has arrived at this view not just through personal opinion and experience, but as part of his growing understanding of the Christian Bible.

Explaining his thoughts behind the article, Rev Chalke said:

“It is my duty to ensure that everyone, gay or straight, knows that I believe God is for them.

“If the Church in this country wants to be at the forefront of delivering social provisions, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone knows the services we provide are for them. However, this commitment to inclusion is not just necessary in order to play a role in today’s society; it is, in my view, the most biblical way of mirroring the life of Jesus Christ.”

To view an extended version of the article and to access a new online resource centre offering support to gay people who have been hurt by practices within the Church, click here: