New parade route for Birmingham Pride’s 25th anniversary

Catherine Muxworthy September 6, 2022

To coincide with Birmingham Pride’s 25th anniversary this month, the parade will follow a slightly altered route on Saturday, September 24. The parade will begin in Centenary Square, which will allow space for more people and entries than ever before. The parade will then leave Centenary Square at roughly 12pm, led by Fatt Projects‘ MOBILISE, “a large-scale accessible protest and party performance”, that aims to have trans, fat, disabled, and global majority folk to be visible and front and centre this Birmingham Pride.

“We want to make space for anyone who has experienced marginalisation within the LGBTQ+ community to feel glorious, be visible, make an impact, and change the way our communities are represented at Pride. MOBILISE is pro-fat, pro-trans, pro-disabled, pro-women, anti-racist, anti-ageist, & pro-fabulous,” explains Fatt Projects, founded by Adam Carver AKA Fatt Butcher.

Led by MOBILISE, the parade will proceed from Centenary Square across Paradise Circus and onto New Street. From there, it will take its usual route past Moor Street Station towards to LGBTQ+ village, where the parade culminates.

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