Make sure you use your vote tomorrow, November 15 in the PCC elections

Besi Besemar October 26, 2012

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections take place tomorrow, Thursday November 15, 2012.

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner will replace the Sussex Police Authority, and the individual voted in will be responsible for overseeing the Chief Constable.

The PCC will set the budget, write the local crime plan and hold the police to account. The powerful new local figure will replace the existing police authority.

Forty one new Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs) will be elected across England and Wales.

***image1***The Independent candidate for Sussex, Ian Chisnall an evangelical Christian has used the closing days of the campaign to clarify his position to the LGBT community on equal marriage.

Ian said:
“In my view the 1837 Marriage Act opened the way for equal marriage decisions to be taken by the state but it has taken 175 years to get there.

“I  understand why so many people within and outside the church do not support the proposed change but that would be true of many other changes in our history.

“Marriage is a fantastic way of saying that one other person is special and making a lifetime commitment to them and I think any adult wishing to make such a commitment to another should be enabled to do so by the state.

“However, I also recognise that there are views within most faith groups that place an additional dimension to this service which cannot be changed by the state or through legislation, it is clearly a matter for each of these groups to determine on what basis they will conduct their religious activities.”

The two local Conservative MP’s are both encouraging all residents to vote in the election and are both backing Katy Bourne the Conservative candidate.

The Greens oppose the policy and have put up no candidate.

***image2***Simon Kirby, Conservative MP for Kemptown & Peacehaven, said:
“We need a Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex who is focused on cutting crime and standing up for victims. Conservative candidate Katy Bourne will get value out of every penny of the budget and focus all available resources on the front line.

“The latest figures for Sussex show that crime fell over the last year by 2 per cent. That shows that police reform is working. We are taking officers out of the back office and getting them onto the front line to fight crime.

“I will look forward to working closely with our new PCC to help victims and witnesses, support the police to cut crime and make communities in Sussex safer.”

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative MP for Hove and Portslade and Katy Bourne share similar views that tougher action is needed to tackle travellers who cause a nuisance to local communities and Katy has pledged, if elected, to ensure that these problems are addressed.

Mike said:
“I hope that everyone will take this opportunity to have their say on the future of policing in Sussex. I’m backing Katy, as I believe that she is the only candidate to offer the residents in Hove and Portslade and right across Sussex the priorities and qualities necessary for this important role.”

***image3***Commenting, Katy said:
“Local communities are infuriated by the invasion of their land by travellers and frustrated by the length of time it takes to deal with the problem. The law abiding who play by the rules are being let down. This is one of the key issues which emerged in my survey of residents about crime, and as Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex I would be determined to ensure that these problems were tackled more effectively.”

***image5***Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper said:
“Tomorrow, millions of people will go to the polls across England and Wales to vote. I’m asking you to join them, to vote and send a message to this Tory-led Government.

“The message is clear: that the Government can’t get away with cutting at least 15,000 police officers, or cutting spending on community safety by 60%.

“Join those who have been signing up to the Labour Supporters Network to back our message that we won’t stand for police cuts that go too far too fast and put community safety at risk.

“We won’t accept Tory plans for massive private contracts for important public policing including neighbourhood patrols, especially after the G4S Olympic debacle this summer.

“Labour candidates like Godfrey Daniel are campaigning across the country on the issues that matter to local people including neighbourhood policing, anti-social behaviour, tackling domestic violence, and staying tough on crime and its causes too. All our candidates have signed strong pledges to protect the operational independence of the police because the long tradition of impartial British policing must be maintained.

“Labour didn’t support the policy of Police and Crime Commissioners in Parliament and we believe reforms will be needed in future. But right now as the Government has introduced them we believe policing is too important to turn our backs when a lot is at stake in these elections.

“We want as many people as possible to come out and vote for Labour candidates who will protect communities and fight crime so that we can send a message to David Cameron about his cuts to the police.

“You can tell him enough is enough by voting for Godfrey Daniel on Thursday.”

The candidates are:

Tony Armstrong – UKIP

Katy Elizabeth Bourne – The Conservative Party

Ian Chisnall – Independent

Godfrey Daniel – Labour Party

David Rogers – Liberal Democrat

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Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on November 15.

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