Sab Samuel, known as drag queen Aida H Dee, suffers broken jaw after being attacked in Cardiff

May 22, 2024

Police are “examing CCTV” after Sab Samuel, also known as drag queen Aida H Dee, had their jaw broken after holding hands with their fianc√©e in Cardiff.

Sab, who was celebrating their engagement when they were attacked in the city during the early hours of Sunday, May 19 said: “It’s not fair – I just wanted to propose to my boyfriend – why do they always steal the best moments?

“We were celebrating our engagement – it should have been one of the best experiences that anyone should be able to have, where I proposed to my boyfriend and he is now my fianc√©e.

“We were walking down the road holding hands.

“Before I knew it, I was being punched in the face and I fell to the floor.”

During the attack, their engagement ring was lost.

“I just wanted to get it back,” said Mr Samuel, who works as a drag queen telling stories to children.

The suspects

“The police said my health and safety was their top priority, but as soon as I got to the hospital I left.

“I went back to near the McDonald’s and I was just crying and searching on the ground for it.”

The ring was eventually found ring and then Sab went back to hospital where scans showed they had a fractured jaw. Sab, who is recovering at home, said this has made them more determined to go out and hold hands with their partner.

A South Wales Police spokesperson confirmed they were investigating the assault and treating the assault as a hate crime.

“A 29-year-old man was assaulted by two other men close to McDonald’s at around 3.15am,” they said.

“One of the suspects made a homophobic remark during the incident which is being treated as a hate crime.

“Hate crime has no place in society and is a priority for South Wales Police.

“Officers are examining CCTV as part of the on-going investigation.”

If you were witness to this assault, or if you have any information, call 101.