Eating disorder charity receives funding boost

Besi Besemar January 3, 2013

WEB.220.n93995340689_8722Men Get Eating Disorders Too (MGEDT) has received a £3,000 grant from the Santander Foundation’s Community Plus initiative. The grant will provide twice monthly peer support group sessions for those affected by eating disorders in Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas

Sam Thomas, MGEDT Founder and Director, said:

“We are extremely pleased to have secured this grant from Santander Foundation to establish a peer support group for males with eating disorders.

“There is so little support available for people with eating disorders in the Brighton, Hove and Sussex and for many males affected this is a barrier to recovery. By providing a regular meeting space for those affected to speak about their experiences this will help to alleviate the isolation and secrecy of their disorder.”

From the Spring, MGEDT will provide fortnightly group meetings. These meetings will help to provide crucial space to share experiences, share coping strategies and offer peer support.

Hugh Smith, MGEDT Trustee, added:

“This is a significant step forwards in addressing a significant gap in mental health support services. Men with eating disorders will be empowered to give voice to an issue that has been taboo for too long. By launching this innovative service, MGEDT will offer sufferers a path to recovery that has never before been available.”

Alan Eagle, Manager of the Santander Foundation, commented:

“Community Plus allows our staff and customers to nominate local charities that are most in need of assistance. We are delighted to be supporting Men Get Eating Disorders Too and hope the donation makes a real difference to local people.”

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