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The Brighton Rainbow Fund presents grants to community groups and celebrates fundraisers

Chris Gull October 19, 2023

All photos by Michael Stone from Nick Ford Photography

On Monday, October 16, Ironworks Studios was the venue for the 2023 event to announce the grants that have been approved by the Brighton Rainbow Fund (BRF) independent grants panel.

BRF distributes funds raised within the community as grants to local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects. This year has been challenging for fundraisers, particularly for Brighton & Hove Pride. Attendance to Pride was this year severely affected by the double whammy of appalling weather and the decision by GTR, the train operators, to not run ANY trains on the Saturday of Pride weekend.

The BRF event was hosted once again by Lola Lasagne who generously returned to Brighton from their new home in Manchester to show their continued support for BRF.

Lola Lasagne

The first part of the evening was to recognise the fundraising achieved by community events and venues, which makes it possible for BRF to distribute as grants. Pride Fundraising Champion certificates were presented to Brighton & Hove Frontrunners, Legends, Club Revenge and Brighton & Hove Pride for fundraising over the Pride weekend, and Fundraising Champion certificates to Brighton Bear Weekend and the Fallen Angel for fundraising at Brighton Bear Weekend and through the year. These certificates were presented by Jane Pritchard, a trustee of BRF.

Lola presenting certificate to Brighton & Hove Frontrunners
Lola presenting certificate to Jane, who delivered certificate to Legends
Lola Lasagne presenting certificate to Jane, who delivered it to Revenge
Brighton Bear Weekend who also collected the certificate for The Fallen Angel
Brighton & Hove Pride

The grants were then announced. Each group were presented with a certificate, and then asked to give a short description of their supported project, and the benefits that the BRF grant will bring. Scene will be running a series of articles over the next few months showing how the grant money will be used by each project.

The first grants were presented by Persia West, a member of the BRF Independent Grants Panel.

Persia West

Radical Rhizomes: £7,500

Continued support for fortnightly QTIPoC affirmative activities.

Radical Rhizomes

Traumfrau: £1,000

Court fees for weekly queer basketball.


HIV Hour: £1,600

Continued funding of core costs for weekly programme on Radio Reverb.

HIV Hour

Maria Baker, trustee of BRF, then took over presenting duties.

Maria Baker

Older & Out: £6,620

Continued support for a monthly LGBT Elders lunch club at the Somerset Centre. 

Older & Out and the Somerset Centre

Trans Pride Brighton & Hove: £7,500

Core funding for the Trans Pride Centre.

Trans Pride Brighton & Hove

Marlborough Productions: £5,000

To help kickstart a new LGBTQ+ heritage engagement project.

Marlborough Productions

Pathways to Health: £2,650

Support in delivering ear acupuncture at TransSober meetings

Pathways to Health and TransSober

Chris Gull, Chair of Trustees at BRF, then took the presenting reins.

Chris Gull

TONIC: £7,500

Capacity building for alcohol-free social engagement events for bi, gay and trans men.


Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ Switchboard: £7,500

Extension of pilot Rainbow Neighbours project.

Brighton & Hove LGBTQ Switchboard

Socially Engaged Artists Salon (SEAS): £7,500

Ringfenced for when needed to support and promote the work of BPoC and LGBTQ+ visual artists.


The final tranche of grants were presented by Jane Pritchard, trustee of BRF.

The Rainbow Chorus: £4,000 AND £850

Continued support for RC+ project and continued support for deaf awareness and outreach project

The Rainbow Chorus

The Clare Project £7,500 AND £7,500

Continued support for the NOURISH project and ongoing delivery and capacity building for a community engagement project.

The Clare Project

Lunch Positive: £7,500 AND £5,400

Continued support for the weekly HIV lunch club and continued support for the weekly drop in.

Lunch Positive