Cityclean customer satisfaction rates soar

Besi Besemar January 3, 2013

WEB_220citycleanFigures show that 89% of residents are now satisfied with their refuse collection service, 86% with their recycling collection and 73% with street cleaning – the highest rates ever recorded.

These are the highest figures recorded since the council started carrying out city wide surveys. When residents were first asked, back in 2000, they were critical of the service with only 46% happy with refuse collection and 40% with street cleaning.
When recycling collections were introduced, early figures showed an immediate improvement with around 50% of residents happy with the service.

Since then, surveys have been carried out every two years and satisfaction rates have continued to increase to the current levels.

The news has been welcomed by staff at Hollingdean depot, home of the council’s refuse, recycling and street sweeping services.

Cllr Pete West
Cllr Pete West

Councillor Pete West chair of the environment and sustainability committee said:

“These results are a fitting tribute to the hard work of all our Cityclean staff who are committed to providing high quality refuse, recycling and street sweeping services for the city 

“We have become much better at listening to and responding to residents’ ideas and concerns and this has undoubtedly helped us to deliver a great service from the staff picking up calls to our contact centre those out and about picking up waste and sweeping the pavements.”

A Cityclean employee who asked not to be named, said:

“Maybe now the council will pay us fairly for a fair days work delivered with the resulting customer satisfaction.”