Carols against the cuts

Besi Besemar December 7, 2012

A local campaigning group, Brighton & Hove Women Against the Cuts will be inviting passers-by to join them outside Hove Town Hall at 11am on Saturday December 15, to tell Brighton & Hove’s Conservative MPs what they want for Christmas.

Gathering round a giant Christmas wish-list, including the repeal of recent NHS legislation (opposed by the British Medical Association and vast majority of health service professional bodies), and reinstatement of millions of pounds slashed from Brighton & Hove City Council’s budget at a far higher amount per head than in neighbouring areas, the group will be singing alternative words to familiar tunes to get their powerful festive message across.

Following the protest the women will send the  MPs  a Christmas photo-card of the event, along with a Christmas parcel containing dozens of postcards previously signed at the group’s stalls by local people opposed to the cuts.

A spokeswoman for the group, Marie Atkinson said:

“Brighton & Hove Women Against the Cuts formed in February 2011 in response to the Coalition government’s austerity programme. Our campaign is gaining rapid momentum across the city as more and more residents realise that these very severe cuts are significantly damaging their lives, jobs, aspirations and the well-being of their families and friends.

“Especially at this time of year, when our local communities are feeling the dire effects of these Government cuts even more keenly, it’s essential that we let Brighton & Hove’s Tory MPs know that enough is enough.

“Singing alternative words to carols that many passers-by know and love is a fun, accessible way to get our vital message across. All supporters are welcome to join our Saturday singalong outside Hove Town Hall.”