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Bimini speaks out after hometown mural is vandalised

Rachel Badham March 30, 2021

Non-binary Drag Race UK season 2 star, Bimini Bon Boulash, has shared a message of solidarity with the trans community after a Norwich mural of them against a trans flag was vandalised days after its completion. The mural was created by local artist Knapple, in collaboration with trans activist Sharpay Salazar, and showed Bimini alongside the words ‘trans rights’. However, it was found painted over by vandals on Sunday morning.

In response to the incident, Bimini said they “never shy away from living an authentically queer experience even if there are people that disagree with our existence.” They affirmed: “Trans rights are human rights and I will push that message until the end.” They also said they felt “sorry for the people who felt threatened or intimidated by a message portraying love, positivity and kindness.”


Many shared words of support for Bimini and the trans community, with one Twitter user saying: I’m so sorry that happened, but thank you for being so proud and unapologetic, you’re such an inspiration.” Another said: “As a NB person who struggles with feeling pressured to conform to certain gendered expectations it has been so healing to see you radiate self-acceptance and love. Thank you for sharing your shine.”