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Anti-trans US states facing economic impact

Rachel Badham May 12, 2021

US states which pass bills targeting trans people are facing economic hardship as a result, with Tennessee seeing over 200 businesses sign an open letter in opposition of the state’s new regulations against trans inclusion in sports. GLAAD has recorded 133 anti-LGBTQ+ bills so far in 2021, 111 of which target trans people. Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia have already passed anti-trans legislation. 

Since passing a bill against trans participation in sports two months ago, Tennessee has faced economic complications, with Jennifer Pritzker – the world’s first transgender billionaire – threatening to relocate business out of the state. The American Society of Association Executives has also said it is reconsidering plans to host its 2022 annual meeting in Nashville, which could see the city lose millions of dollars. 

Revenue from tourism could also be impacted, with a GLAAD poll finding that 31% of LGBTQ+ adults will no longer spend tourism dollars in states which pass discriminatory regulation. Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD, said: “LGBTQ+ people are ready to avoid visiting or buying from brands in states that pass discriminatory anti-trans laws. And everyone from corporate leaders and celebrities to everyday Republican voters has voiced strong opposition to state bills that target vulnerable transgender youth.”

She concluded: “It’s clear that states passing these laws will face backlash in direct and lasting ways.”