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Plump It! Viral Lip Plumper Review

Dale Melita April 16, 2024

I’ve probably watched too much TOWIE, I actually have, I’ve watched it from the very beginning and still watch it but I’ve always wanted to have my lips done but I’ve never done it because I’m too scared of needles (tattoos and piercings are different btw).

I just love the aesthetic of big lips, actually Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset is my lipspiration-not sure if that’s a real word but you know what I mean!

Christine Quinn-lipspiration😍😍😍😍

I was excited when I discovered Plump It! on TikTok. Plump It! believe that real beauty can be achieved without the need for needles, knives, and other invasive procedures yay.

They’ve created a range of transformative formulations that harness and accentuate your natural beauty in a safe and effective way because they know that many of us want to enhance our natural features-perfect for a night out or for a special occasion.

Get instantly bigger lips with their bestselling plumper that’s revolutionised lip plumping. It’s the perfect way to instantly enhance the size and profile of your lips.

Why it’s loved:

  • On average, 4 hours of stand-out plumpness
  • Enhance size of lips naturally
  • You control the look – 3 clicks for extreme plumping, 1 click for subtle
  • Absorbs completely to be used with your favourite lipstick or gloss

Plump It! believe in:

Formulas for everyone – Our formulas are created with everyone in mind. We consider; all ages, skin tones, skin types and ensure our products are affordable and accessible to everyone.

Active ingredients, backed by science – Each product contains active ingredients at the right concentrations to create positive and noticeable change. All our formulas are underpinned by clinical research.

Being kind – All of our products are free of nasties such as parabens and sulphates. We are also passionate about our furry friends, so you can be sure we have never tested our products on animals. Most of our formulas are vegan and all are suitable for vegetarians.

The research*:

  • 89% saw an instant change in their lips
  • 89% saw a visible, instant change in their lips
  • 89% said the product made their lips look plumper
  • 84% would use this product instead of lip filler
  • Most people felt their lips got 25% bigger
  • Participants saw up to 100% increase in lip size

How it works:

Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper is infused with natural actives and VBE, this produces a warm tingling sensation whilst the natural actives penetrate the pores in the lips to increase blood circulation which results in plumper and fuller lips. You should feel the tingle within 30 seconds-2 minutes of applying the serum.

How to use it:

Click the button to dispense, see the serum rise to the tip and apply to the lips. Use the precision tip to massage the product into your lips. When you first receive your plumper, it may need to be clicked several times to dispense the serum. One click is enough to produce a result – you can add more as you get used to the sensation and apply it as many times as you’d like throughout the day.

Is it safe?

Of course – the Volumising Lip Plumper is clinically tested, completely safe and is designed to be used as part of your everyday beauty routine.

How long does it last?

One application lasts for hours! The natural actives last on average 4 hours – as with all cosmetics – this does vary from person to person. We recommend trying it for yourself.

Does it hurt?

You will feel a warm tingling sensation, which is a result of the increased blood flow to the area, but this subsides quickly and leaves you with plumper lips within just a few minutes! If you’re sensitive – simply apply a thin layer of lip balm before the serum.

Is it a lip gloss?

Although it looks like and is applied in the same way as a lip gloss, it acts very differently. The Volumising Lip Plumper is a clear serum. Unlike a regular lip gloss, it completely absorbs into the lips leaving them plumper and ready for you to complete your look with your favourite lip colour on top. It’s water based, meaning you don’t get the sticky texture silicon-based lip gloss creates. The finished effect is clear and matte.

Can I use it if I have lip fillers?

You sure can! It’s still effective even if you have lip fillers. It will not react with your current fillers, is completely safe to use. We highly recommend waiting until your filler injection sites have completely healed before use. Always be sure to check with your healthcare professional before using it with your lip fillers.

Is it vegan/cruelty free?

It sure is – the Volumising Lip Plumper contains no animal extracts or animal derived ingredients. We are proud to say that no Plump It! products are tested on animals and are totally cruelty free.

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