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Shaving Your Peach Made Easy with Bumzzy!

Dale Melita January 19, 2024

I don’t know about you or you but I loveeee having a smooth bum, it just makes me feel so much more confident! I hate shaving with a traditional razor though and hair removal creams are alright but I don’t like the smell. I’ve discovered the best butt shaver ever, honestly it’s a game changer.

Bumzzy are an independent, LGBTQ+ owned and founder-controlled business based in London. They quickly realised many gay men (especially little bottoms like me😇) are often concerned about our butt hair situation. Clenched jaw, back of your ankles flexed, trying to get down there without a razor while the steel shower head watches you struggle. Does that sound familiar?  Well, Bumzzy have news for you, tops: It’s not exactly pleasant to figure out how to shave your own butt. 

Trying to get the job done with a regular razor can be pretty scary and hair removal creams can cause some pretty bad irritation and in some cases even scars. That’s why Bumzzy made it a priority to design and develop a high quality shaving device to keep your derriere into tip-top shape. ”Making life easier, one bum at a time” was the goal.. and after experimenting with countless designs Bumzzy came up with the Bumzzy Butt Shaver 1.0. 

The Innovative design offers easy grip and perfect fit to your hand so you can enjoy unconventional comfort without having to get in crazy positions. Each of the high performance five-head rotary blades moves independently allowing the shaver to follow the contours of your butt and cutting hair at skin level so you get an ultra-close shave without any cuts or irritation.

So basically with a Bumzzy:

  • No more cuts
  • Fully waterproof
  • Exepectional contouring
  • Innovative design for maxium comfort
  • 80 mins of cordless use

I know the biggest question probably is it safe using this on your hole? That was my question anyway.

Yep it is YAY so go onnnn, you might as well treat yourself and order your very own Bumzzy right now, you won’t regret it especially as there’s a 30 day money back guarantee too so you’ve got nothing to lose! Order HERE 😉