TRAVEL: Planning an LGBTQ+ friendly road trip in the United States

April 16, 2022

Hit the rainbow road with Jane Sandwood

The quintessential American road trip tops¬†travel lists for many¬†sun-starved LGBTQ+ Britons and their friends and families. Almost 20% of Brits nominated the USA as this year’s dream destination, and over 35% selected beaches as their preferred location. Invite a warm welcome and a safe stay by frequenting queer-owned and supportive accommodation providers, businesses, and other attractions along the way.

Planning the perfect LGBTQ+ road trip in the US in 2022 means diverting from the major cities. Cover as much or as little distance as you like, while enjoying the road less travelled, and aligning with sun, sand, and the proud gay hospitality of the south-east.

Queer-friendly Florida

Florida is an LGBTQ+ driving vacation dream, with the city of Orlando ranking as the nation’s most LGBTQ-friendly for information on travel destinations, gay-friendly beaches, and suggested road trip itineraries. The historic and iconic 125 mile-long Overseas Highway is your most scenic route into town. This famous stretch of road has an array of fishing, swimming, and snorkeling spots.

Fort Lauderdale

Key West is famed for its gay clubs and supportive community, with guidance available from the Gay Key West Visitor’s Center. There’s also plenty to see and do outside of the Keys, with Florida’s Fort Lauderdale home to the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ museum, the Stonewall National Museum & Archives.

Gay-friendly stays

Seek out queer-friendly accommodation options¬†to enhance experiences¬†of connection and safety. Florida’s Sawmill Camping Resort, is members-only, restricted to persons 21 and over, and offers¬†a unique combination of RV camping, other accommodation options, tranquil lake setting, and on-site nightclub.

Sawmill Camping Resort

For a more family-friendly option, consult one of the many travel blogs that rate the LGBTQ+ friendliness of campgrounds in the area. If you’re travelling during peak periods, camping at some of the top RV camps means booking well ahead to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, if you’re seeking hotels, motels, or Airbnbs, most booking sites now have gay-friendly search filters to assist you with your choice.

Proudly June

Pride Month, held every June, is the penultimate time to plan a US holiday for LGBTQ+ folk.

USA travel sites are now promoting Pride 2022 celebrations across the nation. While two of the five largest Pride events in the world are held in New York and San Francisco, it’s the smaller-scale celebrations of sun-blessed Florida that are attracting a buzz amongst LGBTQ+ travellers.

Key West Pride

Key West does a laid-back island version of Pride characterised by a tropical climate and fewer crowds than the major cities.

After several seasons of travel plans marred by border closures, lockdowns, and travel restrictions, 2022 looks set to be the year that British LGBTQ+ people and their allies hit the road for that memorable all-American driving adventure.