REVIEW: The Butterfly Trail @ Brighton Spiegeltent

June 9, 2024

The Butterfly Trail

Brighton Spiegeltent

Fluttering into the Brighton Fringe, The Butterfly Trail at the Spiegeltent offers a magical mixed reality experience that takes flight with both young and old. This enchanting show, filled with augmented reality (AR) butterflies, is a kaleidoscope of captivating visuals that promises a whimsical escape for the whole family.

For the little ones, the AR insects are nothing short of mesmerizing. Watching their eyes light up as they interact with the virtual butterflies is a delightful sight. The technology is cleverly integrated, transforming the space into a living, breathing meadow where children can engage with the fluttering projections as if they were real.

However, the real highlight for the adults lies in a different kind of metamorphosis. Nestled on giant beanbags, we can lay back and simply gaze up at the elegant projections that dance across the ceiling. B.L.I.S.S. It’s a rare chance to relax and let go, allowing the serene beauty of the visual spectacle to wash over us. In this tranquil cocoon, the stress of the outside world melts away, making it a perfect interlude in a busy festival schedule.

While the AR butterflies may be the main draw for the kids, the adults will appreciate the opportunity to unwind in a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment. The experience flits between captivating and calming, creating a balanced ambiance that caters to all ages.

However, like any delicate creature, The Butterfly Trail isn’t without its fragilities. The AR technology, while impressive, occasionally falters, and the transitions between interactive and passive segments could be smoother. Yet, these minor quibbles do little to detract from the overall enchantment of the experience.

The Butterfly Trail is a mixed reality experience that, while not entirely without its hitches, offers a delightful flutter of magic for families. Children will be transfixed by the AR insects, while adults can find solace in the relaxing, immersive projections. It’s a show that gently encourages us all to spread our wings, even if only for a fleeting moment.

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