REVIEW: Science Magic: Messy Mayhem @ Brighton Fringe

June 8, 2024

Science Magic: Messy Mayhem

Brighton Fringe

Step into the laboratory of Science Magic: Messy Mayhem at the Brighton Fringe, where the enthusiastic Donal Vaughan guides young minds through a series of delightfully messy science experiments. Aimed squarely at the junior crowd, this show delivers a potent mix of entertainment and education, all concocted with ingredients you can find right in your own kitchen.

The show fizzes and pops with excitement as Vaughan, the charismatic chemist, engages his pint-sized audience with a variety of hands-on experiments. From erupting volcanoes to bubbling potions, each demonstration is designed to both entertain and inform, proving that science isn’t just for the classroom—it can be a blast at home too.

However, this scientific spectacle isn’t without its flaws. The venue, though filled with potential energy, lacks the proper sightlines for smaller viewers. Many young audience members found themselves craning their necks or standing to get a clear view of the action, which occasionally dampened the overall experience.

Despite this, Vaughan’s enthusiasm is positively radioactive, permeating the room and keeping the energy levels high. His passion for science is contagious, and his ability to simplify complex concepts into fun, digestible bits of information is nothing short of magnetic. He ensures that even if the kids can’t see every experiment perfectly, they’re still captivated by the magic of science.

In conclusion, Science Magic: Messy Mayhem is a decent foray into the world of messy, hands-on science for young children. While the venue might not be perfectly calibrated for the best viewing experience, Donal Vaughan’s infectious enthusiasm ensures the show remains engaging. For families looking to spark a curiosity for science in their little ones, this show offers a solid reaction, even if it doesn’t quite reach the level of a full-blown explosion.

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