BRIGHTON FRINGE REVIEW: ‘United Queendom’ at Spiegeltent

May 18, 2024

Get ready to sashay your way to the most fabulous night out with United Queendom, a dazzling extravaganza featuring a cast of international circus and cabaret superstars that will leave you gagging for more!

Our queen of the night, Mistress of Ceremonies Chastity Belt, is the epitome of sophistication and down-to-earth charm. She holds the audience in the palm of her hand, flirting and teasing all night long. Singing about the downright foolishness we all face in our search for love, sex, and everything in between, Chastity’s sensational outfits float around the stage with effortless control. And darling, when a drunk heckler tried to steal her thunder, she shut them down with a style so fierce, it was pure catwalk meets courtroom drama. Pure. Class.

United Queendom is the perfect blend of sensual and erotic, racy and raucous, yet surprisingly safe for an 18+ Fringe night out. There’s no nudity here, just pure, tantalising suggestion without the filth, making it a refreshing experience. This show is part catwalk, part cabaret, fusing fashion, circus, burlesque, and drag into a glorious celebration of self-expression and empowerment.

Let’s talk some of the highlights from the entertaining and engaging show! Little Finch, those sassy aerialists, handsome husband due, who whip through the air with stylish, lightning-fast artistry. They close the show with an elegant Gautier-inspired smooching sailor act that’s all quick-fire contortions and in the air drop changes, making the audience gasp at the furious tempo of it, elegant contours, and rope sashay work—simply breathtaking! These are the highest heels in the fringe, darling!

James Gill, working his steel hoop in a sequined kilt, is a vision of hotness and skill. All eyes were on his spinning ripped body as he seduced the audience with every move. Total mastery, but why the flesh coloured pants James? It’s Brighton, didn’t you pack a sequined jockstrap?

Force Majeure, showing us how burlesque should be done! Dripping with Big Cat conviction and couture costumes, their crystal-studded high fashion reveals had the audience rocking. Together, this fierce cast delivers a series of seamless acts that the crowd absolutely lapped up.

Ben Brown stalks on stage like they’ve walked out of Sunset Boulevard, this is Dior acrobatic realness. Brown then climbs and contorts themselves, writhing, twisting, muscles and balance in perfect harmony, at one point lifting themselves aloft on one hand, balancing on a thin silver pole, upside down while removing a shimming silk stocking off one leg with his toes, it’s daft, delicious, uttery queer and really fun.

See full list of cast and creatives here

The wooden, mirrored interior of this vintage venue creates the perfect backdrop for this slice of classic late-night cabaret with a vintage erotic Parisian feel. It’s pure Friday night Spiegeltent realness, darling! So grab your gang, head out, and bask in the inclusive embrace of Chastity Belt and her band of elegant artists.

United Queendom is where fashion, circus, burlesque, and drag come together in a celebration of life, love, and fierce artistry. Held warmly in the ample bosom of the utterly charming, audience affirming hostess Chastity Belt who nudges, encourages and seduces the audience up onto their feet to head off into the warm spring night buzzing.

Until 26 May at Brighton Spiegeltent

For more info and to book tickets see the Spiegeltent site here