Oska Bright Film Festival returns this week!

Graham Robson March 14, 2022

Oska Bright Film Festival, the leading learning disability film festival in the world, returns March 16-22 across Brighton, Lewes and the UK.

The first event is Queer Freedom and Women in Film at Depot, Lewes on Wednesday, March 16 from 7pm. This opening night screening celebrates the incredible talents of women and the queer community. Stories about love, things that annoy us and the barriers that we face. To book, CLICK HERE

Other events include:

Family Values at Depot, Lewes on Wednesday, March 16 from 9pm. A screening explores the lengths we go to to protect our families and whether or not it’s  for better or worse.

Family Values

Emerging Talent at Depot, Lewes on Thursday, March 17 from 10.30am. With animations, silent films, dramas and more, there’s something for everyone in this screening.

Other Worlds at Komedia, Brighton on Thursday, March 17 from 6.30pm. Step into alternate realities, unknown environments and strange worlds. See the unexpected in a world through the eyes of a young autistic girl, a radio producer at his wits end and more…

Other Worlds

Portrait of the Artist at Fabrica, Brighton on Saturday, March 18 from 6pm. This screening gives a platform  to the amazing creative talents  of learning disabled artists  around the world.

For more info, tickets and listings, CLICK HERE