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Rainbow Chorus Open Trans Pride Brighton & Hove with heart-warming video concert.

July 18, 2020

Rainbow Chorus Open Trans Pride Brighton & Hove with heart-warming video concert.

Brighton and Hove’s fully inclusive LGBT choir spent the last month creating a video concert for Trans Pride, they have been honoured in the past to open Trans Pride and this year the Trans Pride organisers again with RC and RC+ members all taking part.

The members of RC & RC+ along with MD Aneesa Choudhry have created the video, with a special musical message to the Trans Community for Trans Pride Online 2020  along with highlights from concerts from the last few years. With choir members sharing messages of solidary and support to the wider Trans and nonbinary community in the city and across the UK and a fun ending of zoom based magic flag waving solidarity.

In the video members of Rainbow Chorus & RC + talk about the importance of the choir being a safe and fully inclusive space, on learning from each other and supporting trans and nonbinary members to reach their full potential.

Members of the Rainbow Chorus committee talk about the importance of being visible and being strong allies, especially at the moment when trans communities are under attack like never before. The Rainbow Chorus is committed to using its voice to challenge prejudice  and profile all LGBTQ+ trans and nonbinary lives.

Dr Sam Hall, Rainbow Chorus member and chair of the city’s Clare Project says how important the choir is to him, singing in a fully inclusive space, the positive effect of singing together and the vital importance of allies, who step up, lean in, learn and understand how Trans lives are under attack and how to be supportive in a proactive & affirming way.

Ed Borgars from the Rainbow Chorus committee said

“Rainbow Chorus has always been proud to support Trans Pride every year, either by singing on the main stage or by our members taking part in the march. This year we welcomed the opportunity to help Trans Pride put on an online version of their usual Trans Pride stage show by making a  compilation video of past performances, with personal contributions from many of our members.

Happy Trans Pride”

The Rainbow Chorus is funded by The Rainbow Fund to offer RC+, monthly sessions open to all. Currently being offered online.

RC say ‘If you’re LGBT+ and your voice is changing or you want to explore singing in a different voice range, RC+ is perfect for you. We have a real mix of members including folk who haven’t sung before or in ages, Trans and non-binary folk as well as some regular choir goers. We’ll look after you both in the session and at our social afterwards.’

To learn more about RC+ see the RC website here: