Brighton Fringe


June 3, 2023


Spiegeltent Bosco

Friday 2nd June

Review Eric Page

The baddest bitch in the spirit world is back, the legendary Ghost Whisperer Séayoncé. Striding the stage like a camp mash up of Tim Currys diction, Joan Crawford’s pose and Mystic Meg’s psychic powers, strafing the audience with relentless deliciously twisted put downs and tortured puns we are instantly enchanted by this pair of perfectly balanced chanteuses.

Music extraordinaire Lesley Anne (Robyn Herfellow) joins as an utterly charming psychotic pianist, underscoring and subtly teasing  all of us, with guttural utterances, and some perfectly timed chords. Such marvellous malevolent menace emanating from them.

Ghouls just want to have fun,  Séayoncé feels it’s time we did too and hauls us through the thin veil between worlds, connecting and being possessed by a desperate soul haunting the festival. We analyse its poor queer trauma, all learning lessons from its fear. This is a masterclass  in living while we can from someone deep in the world of the dead. What better way to feel alive again than with a big throbbing res-erection?

Then it’s time for a little Queer exorcism, some funny and farcical body swap campery and onwards full steam into a full audience participation musical. It’s a roller-coaster ride, we throw caution to the wind, certainly don’t want to upset Lesley, and want to work together to save a lost Queer soul. You’ll need to go along to see how that all works out.

There’s a small number of Mediums at large at the moment and one of the biggest, in stature if not ego, is our very own Seayoncé. Ready to blow your mind and anything else those twisted lips can reach,  she’s evidence that a happy medium doesn’t exist.

Wrapping us up in extensional terror, tantalising teasing and urgent affirmations to live authentically, making us laugh with enjoyable homophonic bon mots and always, always getting the pun-chline right. These are superbly crafted jokes, burst out laughing filthy ones, ones that ripples across the audience as different groups ‘get’ them, quick fire, groaning ones,  ones which make you laugh all night and still today, and a few perfect Queer lines to steal! To say Wye is genius would be to feed his ego, so let’s just say they’re really rather good and when they’re bad they’re better.

Photo credit Zé Meirinhos

Created by Dan Wye, a throbbing Queer star on the comedy scene. This mysterious fusion of stand-up, cabaret and drag elevates alternative comedy and queer performance to a cosmic level. Séayoncé brings a winning combination of brilliant comedic timing, daft theatrics and provocative audience interaction to a packed Bosco tent, and we rise to it.  We leave affirmed, celebrated, utterly Seen, knitted together, fired up and most of all entertained after a full hour of laughing, or 50 mins of laughing and 10 of appreciating some rather clever songs which help to nudge the narrative to it’s absurd sustaining conclusion. With some searing and brutal social commentary thrown in, with laughs, this is comedy with it’s heart in the right place. A fully inclsuice Queer Space.

I’m no psychic but I know the final show is this evening, catch it if you can.

Until 3rd June

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