Brighton Fringe

REVIEW: ‘Where Do All The Quiet Gays Go?’ at The Actors, as part of Brighton Fringe

Brian Butler May 22, 2024

Rob Cattanach is a gay archaeology student on a mission – to find a boyfriend or failing that, just a friend.

With Rob at a mic on a stand this short piece at Brighton Fringe looks and feels like stand-up. But it’s not. Between each excruciating narrative chapter, Rob turns upstage and coming back to face us, his expression reveals what is about to happen next.

It’s a gripping and funny monologue of one man’s failure to connect, to be part of the gay community, and to find happiness.

At times Rob’s delivery is frenetic – well probably desperate –  but recognisably true to life. He’s very good at the mental panic of what to post as a reply on Grindr, what to use as an opening line of conversation when he meets a guy, and what to reveal or keep secret about his virginity.

In its 35-minute outing, Rob takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, hopes and desires.

And it ends just when it gets really interesting – is there a future with fellow student Charlie? I guess we will have to wait for a sequel – and I’m sure there’ll be one.

Where Do All The Quiet Gays Go? was at the Actors as part of Brighton Fringe