Brighton Fringe

Brighton Fringe 2024 launches Friday, May 3

Graham Robson April 30, 2024

Brighton Fringe is back for 2024, with a massive 750 events being staged in over 120 venues across Brighton, Hove and beyond.

Every year, Brighton Fringe sees performers from around the world arriving in the city, bringing events as diverse as improvised musicals, Greek mythology-themed circus, life-drawing sessions with drag queens as models, and a cardboard play city constructed by children.

Rather than thinking about which genre of show you fancy watching, this year visitors can go with their mood! For 2024, Brighton Fringe invites you to Find Your Fringe, with events listed under headings such as Find Your Funny, Find Your Escape or Find Your Weird, inviting audiences to explore the programme in a whole new way.

Managing Director Amy Keogh says: “We are so excited about this year’s Fringe. It’s a special chance to see so many funny, unique and spectacular shows which are coming to the city for just a short time. Tickets are selling fast – some of our events are already selling out, including Character Flaw, the winner of the Brighton Fringe Award for excellence at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. There are also some brand new venues which we’re looking forward to welcoming for 2024”

A major new venue for 2024 is Fool’s Paradise, located just to the south of St Peter’s Church on York Place. The site will be free-to-enter, with performances, street food stalls, and activities for children. Fool’s Paradise will host two theatre venues, one with 350 seats and one with 170, showcasing music, theatre, circus and cabaret.

Visit Brighton Fringe’s website to find out more about all this year’s events and venues.