Spartacus International Gay Guide 2013/14: Book review

April 5, 2013


Universally recognised as the best gay travel guide, Spartacus International Gay Guide 2013/14  has everything gay men need to know when visiting any country in the world. It includes maps, transport, accommodation, beaches, cruising areas, restaurants and nightlife.

The new, updated Spartacus guide for this year is now out and as usual with the Spartacus folk they are pretty astonishing in the amount of information that they unearth and cram in for each and every location you can possibly think of when you haul your big gay ass out to for a city break, longer vacation or just constant world touring. Well researched and fully revised, this all-new Spartacus takes the stress out of travel.

They list saunas, hotels, bars, clubs of all hues and flavours, beaches, cruising spots, and also local and international events, parties and gay celebrations. Now in its 42nd edition, this is the longest running gay guide in print. Spartacus is the benchmark for gay travel and the most authoritative, up-to-date guide available. A refined code system, created as abbreviations and pictograms, offers information about that which one can expect and where. In addition each country is introduced with a short, informative text, which describes the legal and social position of homosexuals.

There’s an e-book version and a smart phone/tablet app too and they also have a pretty cool website too, which is free to use check it out here:

The information is presented in an easy to understand format with maps and accompanying contact info, email and phone numbers and clear ideas of the various locations and venues and what they offer and who they serve. The coverage is truly global.

It have become established as THE gay travel guide and there’s a clear reason for this, no one else has such a huge database of all things gay to do in the world. They are accurate and up to date and offer clear info and guidance.

Paper Back 1300 pages

Out now £19.99

For more info or to buy the book (or to see the free video of the model on the front flexing in his pants) , see the publishers website here: