Queer doc ‘A Sexplanation’ to be available on digital download from June 6 in the UK and Ireland

Graham Robson April 21, 2022

Flynn Studios, in association with Herra Productions, has confirmed that award-winning documentary, A Sexplanation, will be available on digital download from June 6 in the UK and Ireland.

Billed as “just your typical queer, Asian American, comedic sex education documentary”, A Sexplanation is about the universal search for love, connection, and family acceptance.

To right the wrongs of his all-American sex education, 36-year-old health reporter Alex Liu goes on a quest to uncover naked truths and hard facts – no matter how awkward it gets.

From neuroscience labs to church pews, A Sexplanation features provocative conversations with psychologists, sex researchers – and even a Jesuit priest. With humour and grit, Alex takes audiences on a playful, heartfelt journey from a shame-filled past to a happier, healthier, sexier future.

Alex Liu, writer and director, said: “A Sexplanation follows my quest to confront my sex education – by finally getting a real one.

“Growing up, sex felt shameful. My parents never brought it up. School focused on disease, pregnancy, and abstinence. By my 30s, I was surprised by how much shame I still carried. After talking with friends, I realised I wasn’t alone.

“The film documents my attempt to strip away this shame, no matter how awkward it might get – even masturbating in an MRI machine (for science!).

“Through honest conversations with scientists, educators, and even my parents, I try to uncover some naked truths and hard facts that will get us to a healthier, sexier future.”

A Sexplanation will be available on digital download in the UK from June 6 on iTunes, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube and Amazon. For more info, CLICK HERE