Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Elections: The LGBTQ+ Q&A

Rory Finn May 5, 2021

Rory Finn asks four candidates their thoughts on the right to protest and Sussex Police’s response to Black Lives Matter and other demonstrations.

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Community News

PCC attends Ministerial Roundtable to discuss serious violence and knife crime

Besi Besemar March 25, 2019

Last week the Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) Katy Bourne attended a PCC-led Ministerial Roundtable Discussion on serious violence. Nationally and locally there have been increases in serious violence and organised crime groups with vulnerable young people being targeted and exploited to carry out their criminal biddings, including carrying knives.

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General News

PCC gets unanimous support to further strengthen local policing

Gary Hart February 3, 2019

Katy Bourne, the county’s Police & Crime Commissioner, has welcomed the decision from Sussex Police & Crime scrutiny panel to support her plans to level an increase on the council tax precept to spend more money on policing by an extra £2 per month (for an average band D property).

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