Humanists become first Northern Ireland member of Coalition Against Conversion Therapy

Graham Robson October 23, 2020

Northern Ireland Humanists (NIH), alongside Humanists UK, becomes members of the Coalition against Conversion Therapy (CACT), a coalition of leading psychological, psychotherapeutic, and counselling organisations committed to ending conversion therapy, and who hope to extend the reach of its activities into Northern Ireland. 

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In The South

Campaign launched to do away with archaic blasphemy laws in Northern Ireland

Graham Robson March 28, 2019

Northern Ireland Humanists, part of the charity Humanists UK, launch campaign to do away with Northern Ireland’s ancient blasphemy laws, which make criticising a religion a crime.

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In The South

Northern Ireland High Court dismiss same-sex marriage cases

Besi Besemar August 17, 2017

The High Court in Belfast has today rejected a claim brought by a same-sex couple who got married in England and wanted to have their marriage legally recognised in Northern Ireland, and by two other couples who wished to challenge the failure of the Northern Ireland Assembly to legalise same-sex marriages.

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