Labour issues final call to voters ahead of local elections

Besi Besemar April 28, 2015

Labour in Brighton and Hove has issued a call to voters to give them a majority in next week’s city council elections on Thursday, May 7. Councillor Warren Morgan, Leader of the Labour and Co-operative Group, said: “In a week’s time, residents of Brighton and Hove choose who runs the city council for the next four years. They need to vote on local issues like housing, poverty, schools and jobs, on who can get the city’s streets clean again and turn around the abysmal refuse and recycling record of the Greens.

“Labour is in second place in almost all of the Green wards, as well as being the main competitor in Tory held seats. Another four years of confusion, division and deadlock on the council won’t help our city. I’m asking voters to elect a majority Labour council that will make the council work for you and your neighbourhood: a council that is guided by progressive, co-operative values, and one that will work for a brilliant, inclusive, visionary and modern city.”

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