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Two trans women killed in North Carolina within one week

Rachel Badham April 19, 2021

Photo: Human Rights Campaign

28-year-old Remy Fennell is the second black trans woman to have been violently killed in North Carolina, US, within the space of a week after Jaida Peterson was killed only days before. During a police press conference, it was revealed that Fennell was found dead on April 15 in a hotel like Peterson, sparking fears of a serial killer. 

Jaida Peterson was found dead days before Fennell

However, police later named two individual suspects, Dontarius Long and Joel Brewer, and are currently investigating whether either of the incidents could be classed as a hate crime. Fennell is the 15th known trans person to have been murdered in the US this year; nine of these victims were black trans women. 

2020 was the deadliest year on record for trans Americans, with 44 recorded deaths. A 2020 report by LGBTQ+ support network and anti-violence organisation, Galop, found transphobic hate crimes are also increasing in the UK, with four in five trans people saying they have been the victim of a hate crime within the past 12 months.