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Trans woman shot in Philadelphia

Rachel Badham October 6, 2020

Mia Green, 29, was fatally shot on Monday 28 September in Philadelphia, US, by Abdullah lbn El-Amin Jaamia.  According to NBC News reports, Green, a black trans woman, was in the passenger seat of Jammia’s car with a bullet wound when police stopped him for running a stop sign. Jammia told police he was taking her to hospital, so police escorted the pair to medical facilities; Green was pronounced dead later that morning. Upon further investigation, Jammia was charged with murder, however police have not specified any details such as the motives behind the attack or the relationship between the pair.

Philadelphia’s Office of LGBTQ+ Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday that it extends it’s ‘deepest sympathies’ to Green’s friends and family. It continued: “This latest act of violence against a member of our community is a sombre reminder of the epidemic of violence against trans individuals. It is a crisis that cannot be allowed to persist any further. The countless painful losses experienced during this year alone—especially within our transgender communities of colour— remind us that there is much work to be done in the pursuit of full equality, respect, and justice for us all”.

Green’s death came days after the murder of another black trans woman, Aerrion Burnett, in Missouri. The Human Rights Campaign (HCR) states at least 29 trans/gender non-conforming people have been killed in the US alone this year, which is greater than the total number murdered in the entirety of 2019. The majority of victims were black trans women. The HCR said all of these people “did not deserve to have their lives taken from them”.