The Brighton Rainbow Fund

The Brighton Rainbow Fund is asking, how many local LGBTQ+ and HIV groups, charities and projects do you know? Why choose one when you can support them all

Chris Gull July 27, 2022

With Brighton Pride just round the corner, and Brighton Bear Weekend just behind us, both of which entrust the funds they raise to The Brighton Rainbow Fund to distribute through their Annual Funding Round, it´s a good time to look at what BRF is.

The Brighton Rainbow Fund is a charity which acts as a central point to distribute funds raised in the community to local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects  in a fair and equitable way through an Annual Funding Round. All local projects can apply, and the applications are considered by an Independent Grants Panel.

The advantage to the projects and the people that they support is that they have a level playing field, whatever size they are, whether volunteer led or not, whether they have paid fundraisers or not.

The advantage to fundraisers, donors, venues and businesses raising funds for the benefit of the local LGBTQ+ and HIV communities is that they don´t have to pick just one charity or project, they can entrust BRF to carefully assess all applications, talk to each of the applicants about the project they need support for, and to monitor how the money is used. They know that this process means that the money they work so hard to raise will go where it is most needed.

Jason Sutton aka Miss Jason presents Rainbow Chorus with grant of £6,850 for core funding and develop the work of RC+ which provides a platform for people who just want to sing and don’t want to perform in concerts.

There are a number of events that are raising funds around Brighton Pride for the BRF to distribute, together with a number of venues and businesses with offers that include donations to BRF. Please look out for them and help them support our whole community.

BRF is willing to bet that most people aren´t aware of the number and range of local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects, who between them support hundreds (if not thousands) of members of our communities.

Here a list of some of the local projects that have applied for, and received grants from BRF over the last few years, does it make sense to just choose one, they all need help and support, and you can help them all?


Allsorts, Blueprint 22, Frontrunners, Grief Encounters, Lunch Positive, Mindout, Navigate, Peer Action, QTIPOC Narratives, Queerly, Radical Rhizome, Rainbow Chorus, Rainbow Dementia Café, Sea Serpents, Switchboard, The Clare Project, The Community Safety Forum, The Ledward Centre, The Rainbow Hub, The Sussex Beacon, Trans Alliance, Trans Pride, Transcansport