SURVEY – Integrating Care for Trans Adults

Graham Robson September 5, 2020

An ongoing project, Integrating Care for Trans Adults (ICTA), in partnership with the Open University and the LGBT Foundation, is reaching out to groups within the transgender, including non-binary, and wider LGBTQ+ community, asking them to complete an initial survey.

The ICTA project is looking at how trans, including non-binary, people have experienced healthcare in the UK – at any point in time. They want to know how to best integrate the care they receive from Gender Identity Services and the rest of the NHS. They will be gathering these personal experiences through the survey and then through further one to one (online) interviews with participants.

Benjamin (Benji) Taylor, Community Development Worker for the ICTA project, said: ‘With this information we are going to work alongside the NHS to train and inform health care workers on how best to care for trans, including non-binary, people. We are also going to be creating a resource for trans people to use to best help them navigate the healthcare world, specifically looking at experiences with Gender Identity Services.

‘We believe that this is an incredibly important area of research and that we have a really good opportunity to work with the community to create change for them to see in their lifetime.

‘Our team is led by trans, including non-binary, people – like myself – who truly understand the gravity of the task we are undertaking. We have been granted a special remit by the National Institute for Health Research to change the current way trans people are treated so it is a project we all hold close to our hearts.’

To complete the survey, CLICK HERE:

If you’d prefer a paper version of the survey, email your name and address to Ev – or call 01908 858 185.

For more info on ICTA, visit their website: