Brighton & Hove Sea Serpents win Beorma Bowl at Touch My Brum rugby tournament

July 17, 2023

The Brighton and Hove Sea Serpents recently participated in the highly anticipated Touch My Brum tournament, hosted by the Birmingham Bulls. The tournament brought together some of the top touch rugby teams in the region, and the Sea Serpents faced tough competition throughout their journey.

In the group stage, the Sea Serpents were drawn into a challenging group alongside the London Lushes, Manchester Spartans, and the host team, the Birmingham Bulls. Despite putting up a valiant effort, the Sea Serpents faced three defeats in the group stage. Although the results were not in their favour, the team showcased their resilience and determination in the face of strong opposition.

Following their group stage performance, the Sea Serpents found themselves in the Beorma Bowl, where they clashed with the Birmingham Swifts. It was a closely contested match, but the Sea Serpents managed to secure a narrow victory, emerging triumphant with a 0-1 scoreline. This hard-fought win propelled them into the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, the Sea Serpents faced a formidable combined team consisting of players from the Barbian and Oslo clubs. Undeterred by the challenge, the Sea Serpents displayed their skill and dominance, comfortably defeating their opponents with an impressive 0-4 scoreline. This victory earned them a well-deserved spot in the tournament’s final.

In the grand finale, the Sea Serpents had a chance to seek redemption as they faced their earlier group stage opponent, the Birmingham Bulls. Both teams gave it their all, showcasing their prowess and determination in an intense battle. After a hard-fought game, the Sea Serpents emerged as the victors, edging out the Birmingham Bulls with a score of 2-3. This thrilling victory marked the Sea Serpents’ third consecutive Touch My Brum trophy, highlighting their consistency and dominance in the tournament.Throughout the tournament, individual players of the Brighton & Hove Sea Serpents stood out with their exceptional performances. William Taylor and Jim Crawford deserve special mention for scoring their first Touch Rugby tries, showcasing their growth and contribution to the team’s success. Furthermore, Andy James was awarded the Serpents’ player of the tournament, recognising his outstanding contributions and impact on the team’s overall performance.

The Brighton & Hove Sea Serpents demonstrated great teamwork, determination, and skill throughout the Touch My Brum tournament. Their ability to bounce back after a challenging group stage showcased their resilience, and their exceptional performances in the knockout stages led them to a well-deserved victory in the final. With their third consecutive Touch My Brum trophy secured, the Sea Serpents solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with in the touch rugby community.

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