Rainbow Fund need volunteers over Pride

Besi Besemar August 27, 2012

Bear Patrol on Pride Parade

The Rainbow Fund is putting together a large team of pro-active volunteers to support the bucket cash collections during the Pride weekend.

Pride holds the council street collection licence for the Pride weekend and the Rainbow Fund is working closely with the organisers to ensure that these opportunities are maximised for local LGBT/HIV good causes.

Pride have committed their profits to the Rainbow Fund and have already donated over £10,000 to the fund from the £1 per head guaranteed from each ticket sold.

All money donated to the Rainbow Fund is distributed to local LGBT and HIV/AIDS groups meaning that a range of local groups and charities benefit collectively from these events.

The days and times volunteers are needed this weekend are:

• Friday night from 7.30pm
• The parade from 10am
• Saturday night from 6pm
• Sunday from 3.30pm

Rainbow Fund Chairman Paul Elgood said:

“The busy Pride weekend is coming up and we need helpers to collect money to support the event. We are supporting Pride by co-ordinating the team of volunteers to support this part of the event.

‘We have a good size team already but this is literally the case of the more the better!

“Please volunteer and do what you can to ensure the best ever Pride for the community.”

Volunteers will receive a Pride T-shirt which gives free park entry to the park. There will also be a big thank you party in the weeks after Pride.

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To volunteer email: in the first instance.