QueerAF launches What The Pox? podcast with Martin Joseph

Graham Robson September 8, 2022

QueerAF, a community interest company launched to support queer creatives to kickstart, build and grow their media careers, has launched a podcast, What The Pox?, with award-winning podcaster Martin Joseph.

What The Pox? is everything Martin wished he had when he caught Monkeypox early on in the outbreak Рwhen he was feeling scared, alone and desperate for information.

The podcast features several first-hand accounts of the virus, world-leading voices across the world, as well as those on the frontline of the outbreak in the UK. It goes beyond ‘what’ the virus is, and seeks to understand ‘why’ it’s spreading and the broader issues it’s exposing.

Listen to understand:

  • What we know about the virus, and how it spreads

  • Why we feel shame and stigma about catching it

  • What the parallels are with the HIV outbreak in the ’80s

  • Why this sits in a bigger picture with conversations about queer sex and health inequalities

  • And crucially: What can we do next?

To tune in, CLICK HERE