Queer East Film Festival returns to cinemas and online from this month!

Graham Robson October 8, 2020

The previously postponed Queer East Film Festival returns to cinemas across the UK with an additional seven films added to the original programme this October. Reimagined as a season-long showcase, the festival’s in-person cinema screenings will now go beyond London to include Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol, as well as offer UK-wide virtual screenings for audiences to enjoy at home.

Queer East is a celebration of queer storytelling and activism in East and Southeast Asia and aims to uplift and amplify the voices of those marginalised in the LGBTQ+ community. To reflect on the significant progress that has been made, as well as the obstacles that millions still face in Asia. The festival welcomes everyone to be part of the discussion and celebrate diverse identities, cultures, and heritages of Asian and diasporic communities who have often been excluded from mainstream discourse in the UK.

Memories of My Body

Spanning over 50 years of filmmaking, the first edition of Queer East is a mix of classic retrospectives and new releases, to explore how culture, law, history, and social norms have affected and built the current queer Asian landscape.

Yi Wang, Festival Director and Programmer of Queer East, said: “Global events this year have yet again reminded us of the importance of reflecting on equalities. More than ever, we have the power to bring about change by challenging everything, from stereotypes to law makers. The establishment of Queer East is to shine a spotlight on the under-represented queer Asian community and encourage the public to hear the voices from those who dare to challenge. 

“Lockdown, social distancing and the ‘new normal’ have changed our lives and how we engage with arts and culture. With the tremendous support from our funders, cinemas, festival partners and audiences, I am extremely proud that the Queer East Film Festival is back, stronger and better. It is different to what we originally envisaged for our first year, but we are excited to share queer Asian storytelling to a wider audience through digital spaces and our nationwide tours.

“Queer East is a platform for our Asian neighbourhood to celebrate their heritage and identity, for our queer friends to address the challenges many of us face, and for everyone to explore and exchange inspiring stories through the sharing of cinema and culture.”

To see the full programme, CLICK HERE